Our Top 10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, we’ve started to put our thinking caps on about upcoming digital marketing trends at Hamilton Branding. Our research shows that technology is promised to take centre stage next year and, between us, we couldn’t be more excited! Read on to see our top ten marketing trend predictions for 2018 and how you can keep your finger on the pulse. 

1. Video makes it BIG!

Videos for social media have never been so important to a digital marketing strategy in 2017, and 2018 continues in this vein! Are you aware that viewers remember 95% of a message if they see a video, compared to text alone? This is why video marketing content is particularly advantageous to businesses because it promotes customer engagement and drives sales! At HB, we can help to formulate your content strategy and create polished videos for your brand.

2. Live video will be everywhere

Video, video, video – that’s all you will hear about in 2018! Live video is expected to be very popular next year, especially for events as customers can tune in to the action second-by-second! This creates a real buzz for consumers and is sure to grow your social media presence when shared through these platforms.

3. Content continues to be vital

Although the power of video is due to take off in 2018, your marketing strategy would be void without effective content. We know from experience that variety is key and will keep your customers loyal and interested. Think about refreshing your content and mixing it up with a monthly podcast or thought leadership article. Visual media like infographics always work well on social media and websites and are an excellent way to showcase your services and customer satisfaction. By streamlining your content across your digital platforms and remaining consistent, you will aid your buyer’s journey and better your chance at that all important customer conversion. With a strong content marketing strategy to see you through 2018, you can expect to build trust with your customers and acquire new advocates for your brand!

4. Corporate blogging sparks customer relationships

If you haven’t got a corporate blog, 2018 might be the year to invest in one! They can generate up to 67% more leads and offer a more informal way to talk, connect and grow your relationship with customers. What’s more is that you can use this content as social media collateral and promote traffic back to your website. We believe that corporate blogs are the perfect multi-tool technique that should be in everyone’s marketing strategy. 

5. Instagram leads the way on social

While we’re on the topic of content, let’s turn to social…
Instagram is taking the internet by storm and is definitely a platform your business should be on in 2018. This year Instagram disclosed that around 800 million people use it each month - if that doesn’t make your eyes water we’re not sure what will! Instagram now has Insta Stories (a little like SnapChat) which lets you post live video content as well as photos. And it’s advertising controls help businesses to target their customers in less of an abrasive way. We’d highly recommend starting your Instagram journey, and can help to build your social presence with high-quality video and photo content. 

6. LinkedIn overtakes Twitter on B2B

It’s had a bit of a makeover this year which has made a massive difference for B2B marketing. With powerful advertising potential, LinkedIn is certainly a valuable platform which your company needs to employ in 2018.

7. Gated content becomes a thing of the past

In 2018, it’s time to rethink gated content. Industry leaders like Hubspot and Zendesk are un-gating their content, and we think it’s about time we followed suit. Expect a spike in customer loyalty and a stronger online presence if you take the leap into ungated content. 

8. Live events draw in customers

If you’re hosting a corporate event in 2018, consider making it live…
This trend is due to make a splash next year and for all the right reasons. Coordinate your live video across your social media platforms and you will see why the likes of Google and Airbnb have adopted it. Existing customers will love the buzz at the event and you are more likely to entice prospective customers to watch it on your social channels.


9. Influencer investment pays dividends

If you’re looking for something different to refresh your marketing strategy in 2018, then look to influencers. These are people who post promotional adverts on social media to their stronghold audience of subscribers and followers. You would be surprised how many brands have hopped onto this trend already, especially the larger ones! The beauty of this type of marketing is that it’s more organic and can capture your target market through methods your company may not naturally have access to. The advertising appears less staged and forced, and will connect your business with new leads and traffic as a result. 

10. Chatbots 

What are they you might say? They’re a marketing automation tool for your business’ website. We would describe them as virtual assistants who chat to your customers and signpost them with their artificial intelligence. They help to offer a consistent standard of customer service and are powered by customer data. If you’re searching for ways to keep customers on your site for longer, it may be time to consider a Chatbot. 

So, there you have it, our top ten marketing trends to watch out for in 2018! At HB, we’re highly skilled in a number of areas and can take your business to new heights with the help of photography, video production and digital marketing. Let us help you take charge of your marketing strategy and make 2018 one to remember! Get in contact today.