Why Property Photography is Worth the Investment

From a Georgian house to a cosy cottage, you must have already pictured yourself on holiday in one of these fabulous places, or even buying one. If you are ever thinking of renting out a property, you need to be able to attract potential guests through some appealing and representative photos.  It is important that, wherever you decide to showcase your property, on social media or on your website, the photos need to give a luxury feel that  immediately differentiates you from your competitors. 


To catch the eye of your future guests you need to show them a place where you would like to stay yourself. Hamilton Branding can help you by providing some beautiful imagery of all aspects of the property from interiors to garden views and even scenic location photographs of the local area. We think it is very important that the photos you share of your property correctly reflect the atmosphere - you want your guests to be able to imagine themselves, their family and friends, having a wonderful relaxing time in the holiday property.

At Hamilton Branding we can provide a portfolio of photos so that future guests can have a precise idea of where they will be staying  - these photos can also help them know what facilities they will have access to when they arrive.


Lifestyle photography sells a brand

On top of that, we can also provide lifestyle photography to enhance the relaxing break on offer. Lifestyle photography is about aspiration and quality imagery sets the scene to your potential guests, attempting to capture the atmosphere and experience of actually staying on holiday in the property.  Your potential guests can be made to feel  that they are going to have a pampered and relaxing break. Looking at your property through a lifestyle “lens” can create an emotional connection with the property.


Property Photography is effective

Visual media is so important for property marketing, whether you are selling a house or renting it out. It is an important commitment for people and their decisions can actually be influenced by a great photo or even a video! Attractive photography that showcases your property is essential for making you stand out in a crowded online marketplace. If you have a property that could do with some beautiful marketing imagery, get in touch today. Hamilton Branding can help you make your property look visually stunning!


Photography from a recent photoshoot for Soar Mill Cove - Little Cottage Stays