4 Marketing Growth Strategies for 2019

As everyone knows, growth is fundamental to the survival of your business. But did you know that about 66% of businesses survive their first two years, half survive to five, and only 33% go on to celebrate their tenth anniversary?*

For a lot of businesses we work with, having a highly engaging and interactive website is the core of their online business. Their website represents their brand, and is therefore vital in grabbing the attention of their target market.

So here’s our top 4 marketing growth strategies we recommend investing in, to keep you going in 2019.

1. SEO

Have you checked your analytics recently? What are your monthly search volumes? How much traffic do you drive to your website? And how much of that is organic? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Gathering new website traffic is the key to growth for any business. Improving your SEO will lead to your website being found more easily by those searching on Google, and then on other search engines. Using your business’ target key words helps you become more visible, which is why taking the time to update your SEO is so important. In short: better SEO = more traffic.

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2. Blogging

Think blogging went out of style with the typewriter? Well that’s where you’d be wrong! Blogging is still an incredibly important tool! Search engines which see regular, new, and relevant blog content will view your website as dynamic and constantly evolving, which in turn helps your SEO by moving you up the search engine rankings. Constantly uploading fresh blog content is well worth the investment!

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3. Video Production

With more and more video content out there, it’s important to create unique, quality content that makes you stand out from the crowd. Videos are still the best way to engage with potential customers, so displaying a high-quality promo video on a website landing page - or on your social media feeds - is a great way to drive traffic, raise awareness, and build trust with your brand.

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4. Updated Website

Having an up to date and highly engaging website is a must! Longer dwell time on your homepage tells Google that your content is interesting and useful, which in turn helps with your SEO. Longer website time from customers can also help increase trust and engagement levels, and is therefore more likely to convert to sales in the future.

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Here at Hamilton Branding we can help you out with all of the above strategies in order to help your business grow! We specialise in squarespace web design, SEO, video production, e-commerce photography and all your other digital marketing needs, right here from the heart of Yorkshire.

*Figures according to Hubspot: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/growth-strategy