Lola Design - Behind the Scenes

We love a studio shoot. So when we got the call from Amanda and Frank at Lola Design, asking us to come and create some new promotional media for them, we were excited to help them bring their ideas and brief to life!

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We knew beforehand that the shoot would involve lots of balloons and confetti being thrown everywhere by Heather our ‘professional confetti thrower’. But when we arrived, Frank had hired a confetti cannon! Due to an error at the hire place, they’d sent us an industrial sized one used for big events and concerts rather than in small studio spaces. So this was going to be interesting!

While Amanda and Frank were pumping up all the balloons and figuring out how the helium canister worked, we set up our lights and cameras, ready for action! Starting with some product photos and short videos for use on social media. The products themselves are gorgeous, so it didn’t take much effort to make them look good on camera; just a sprinkling of confetti to make them Instagramable.

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After the balloons were filled it was time to string them up in an arch with fishing wire. Which in theory should have been easy, but in practise took all four of us to achieve. Not before tripping over the wire multiple times… It’s great for being invisible in shoots, but not so great to see on the floor.

Now it was time (after a quick wardrobe change) to get Amanda and Frank in front of the camera! We started doing shots with balloons, but a few minutes later we were all dying to try the confetti cannon. Bucket filled, everyone in position, it was time to turn it on. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Confetti filled the air like a rainbow storm! If anyone is looking to film with confetti, a confetti cannon is highly recommended. There is no way we could have achieved the same effect by just chucking it around ourselves. Plus, a confetti cannon is seriously fun.

After lunch (and a little bit of sweeping up) it was time to bring their dog Rocky in for his close up. They say never work with children or animals, but Rocky - looking super suave in his bowtie - was a true professional, and didn’t bat an eyelid at all the confetti flying around.


The afternoon passed in a blur and before we knew it, that was a wrap! The studio looked like a confetti bomb had gone off, but we got some really great footage of Lola Design’s products, and of Amanda and Frank. We had so much fun working with Amanda, Frank, and Rocky from Lola Design. The results look amazing! The only downside is we’re still finding bits of confetti in all our camera bags !

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